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Certain facts that After Columbia's founder, Terry Wilson, thinks it is crazy to deny

1. NASA landed piloted missions on the Moon from 1969 to 1972.  I'm tired of being asked.  Visit for a hit by hit proof of the Apollo landings using the evidence available.  Add to this that I have some experience with grinder dust of similar consistency and behavior as that shown in the lunar photographs.  This stuff floats on earth when agitated, so much so that it darkened the lights while I was working.  James McCanney ( buys this theory.
2. Contrails from aircraft are caused by dewpoints exceeding temperatures in the vicinity of the aircraft; "Chem" trails do not exist. is a hit by hit proof of this.  James McCanney buys this theory too.
3. Comets contain massive amounts of volatile elements and compounds which form an integral part of their visible tails.  Comets also cause electrical and plasma interaction effects observable in UV and X-ray observations because they have a negative charge in relation to the heliospheric ground charge (which is positive relative to interstellar space.)  A combination of these effects creates the beautiful variety of cometary effects that we see.  It is generally accepted that volatiles (water, nitrogen and oxygen ice) form the tails of comets, however James McCanney ( presents a theory that cometary tails are formed entirely by plasma effects and that comets are actually hard rocks.
4. The Bible is accurate:
4a. The crucifixion of a man named Jesus Christ 2000 years ago is backed up by 24,000 or more dated manuscripts including Bible manuscripts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the writings of Josephus, a Roman commissioned Jewish historian.  The same documents, while not all of them support His Resurrection, most do support the mysterious disappearance of his body from a tomb secured by both Roman and Sanhedrin guards.
4b. A careful study of geological evidence (carbon-based and other radioactive dating techniques have conveniently vanished in the last few years as more accurate astronomical data regarding historical atmospheric isotope ratios has become available.  Corrected radioactive datings show dates matching the Biblical timeline.  I also heard a tale of a vulcanologist taking taking a sample of flowing lava from an active volcano and taking it to radioactive dating lab the next day and getting an answer of 3 million years, even though it should have been approximately one day.)
4c.  Advanced modelling of evolutionary design algorithms has showed that they fail under complex circumstances and requirements still several dozen orders of magnitude in complexity short of those in which life resides.  A Popular Science article (forgot which issue, but will find out) showed how an evolutionary algorithm for evolving locomotion techniques for stick men preferred somersaults to walking until programmed to follow a finer set of conditions.  Scratch ingredient lab tests have never "evolved" anything more complex than an amino acid (several thousand of which are required for a typical protein molecule.)  All genetic engineering and experimentation has used existing materials from naturally occuring life as a basis.
4d.  ALH84001 and STS-107's survivors (nematodes/roundworms that were part of an experiment package) show that panspermia, the spreading of life between star systems aboard meteorites is possible.  In the billions of years allegedly available for such spreading to take place (The 43000 years it will take Voyager I to reach Alpha Centauri's distance being a tiny instant in comparison), the galaxy should be teeming with life, yet there is no conclusive evidence of current life beyond this planet.  (To present a convenient counterclaim, very little effort has been put into looking for non-radio capable life beyond this planet.)
4e. Geologic processes in the formations from the Cambrian layer to present, especially those above the Cretateous-Tertiary and Devonian-Triassic layers, happened far faster than over millions of years, with large fossils spanning multiple layers representing millions of years in classic evolutionary thinking.  It would appear that most of the geologic deposition happened in a seven month period, approximately the same sort of time frame described by the Bible in Genesis Chapters 6 through 9 describing a worldwide inundation popularly known as The Great Flood or Noah's Flood, calculated to have begun in April 2442 BC by the modern calendar.  Scientific evidence supports that this event was initiated by several celestial impacts, including Manicouagan and Chixulub.  Observations include the SL-9/Jupiter impacts of 1994.  (To verify the errors in sedimentary rates, you can take a pop bottle, fill it with sharp rocks and water, shake it for 30 minutes and observe the sediment knocked off the rocks, the rounding of the rocks' sharper features, and damage to the pop bottle; I did this as part of a Grade 4 science class when I was a kid.)
4f. There is little evidence to support the events surrounding Isreal as described in the Old Testament, however, many modern and historical scenarios match up with prophecies written 3000 years ago and can be interpreted as fulfilled prophecy.  Calculations of random probabilities specifically in regards to Christ, excluding those that He had earthly control over, and His virgin conception (which can be calculated by chemists) came out to approximately 10e-67, effectively zero.  This was on the basis of 38 prophecies from the book of Isaiah.  In the entire old testament, some scholars have identified 695 statements about the Messiah that match events in the life of Jesus Christ as described in the Gospels.
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