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Delta Sprint Orbiter qualification model requirement set 041026

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7 Total Payload and Support Systems: 6900kg
7.1 Spacecraft: 4950kg
7.1.2 Descent Module: 3100kg Crew Members * 3: 300kg (firm) Crew ACES; David Clark S1035: 150kg (firm) Crew day consumables; 12 at 30kg each: 360kg (firm) DMRCS N2 pressurant system: 50kg (firm) DMRCS Thrusters: Kaiser Marquardt REA 16 22.2N (225sec Isp); bipropellant equiv. R-6C 22.2N (270sec Isp); 12 on board: 20kg (firm; includes mountings) DMRCS Propellants (hydrazine monopropellant): 50kg (firm) DM Entry Thermal Protection: 500kg (guess) DM Landing Bag System: 165kg (guess; 5% margin) DM Parasol & drogue Parachute Descent System: 170kg (guess; 5% margin) Docking System: 500kg (guess; would include port, doors, radar, hatch, fittings, ranger, two cameras, and a pair of fuzzy dice.) Descent Module Structure: 775kg (25% margin; 20g axial, 5g lateral, 1.50 safety margin, 80C temperature, 2024 or 2219 aluminum)
7.2.2 Service Module: 1650kg Deorbit Motor (Star 20B): 395kg (firm; includes fittings, motor, and separation system.) Imaging (Ecliptic DVS): 25kg (firm) SMMT (Service Module Main Thrusters) propellants; Nitrogen Tetroxide/Hydrazine or Nitrogen Tetroxide/MMH: 550kg (firm; based on rendezvous, entry loads mitigation and backup deorbit requirements) SMMT engines; Marquardt R-40A; 2 on board (4077N, 306 sec; normally use NTO/MMH): 50kg (firm) SMMT Tankage: 100kg (15% margin) SMRCS Propellants (Hydrazine): 180kg (firm) SMRCS Thrusters; Marquardt REA 12 (22.2N monopropellant 230sec) or R-6C (22.2N bipropellant; 290sec); 8 on board: 13kg (firm; perhaps low) SMRCS Pressurant and propellant distribution: 25kg (guess) Impact Shield: 200kg (educated guess) Service Module Structure: 250kg (15% margin; 8g axial, 3g lateral; 1.50 safety margin, externally and internally induced thermal environments, 6175 or 2195 Aluminum)
7.3 Support Systems: 1950kg
7.3.1 Adapter and 2nd stage separation: 250kg (guess; no existing systems are compatible)
7.3.2 Payload Escape Stage: 800kg Payload Escape Stage Rockets: 80kg (4 units; 20kg each; 148.8kN each; 595.2kN total) Payload Escape Stage Propellants: 700kg (4 units; 175kg each; 250sec Isp) Payload Escape Stage Separation system: 20kg (needs to be made of high temperature alloy for Descent Module thermal protection system.)
7.3.3 Partial Fairing: 700kg (composite?; bisector, launch vehicle and Descent Module seams, no load transfer.)

2004 After Columbia
Special Thanks to Ken Bolli for modelling in Orbiter (
(Note: Orbiter model not released, if you would like to test pilot Delta Sprint, please contact or (signup at