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Setting aside "real" lives for the cause:, SimCosmos, perhaps better known as Antonio Maia.  Orbiter enthusiast and skilled add-on developer., the amateur's information center on NASA's activities (often imitated, never the website like the Apple is to the PC.)  Founded by Chris Bergin, dwarfs After Columbia. , I think this really is his "real" life; come here for information on how to build economical single-use launch vehicles (in reality, or in Orbiter.)

The Da Vinci Project:, This is an amateur project because it is staffed by a volunteer crew.  The Da Vinci Project is an X-prise contender and thankfully, has provided a prodigious amount of technical information on their spacecraft.

Space Island Group:, surprisingly similar to After Columbia Project, only bigger, doing for commerce what After Columbia is doing for amateurs and sims.

Encyclopedia Astronautica, by Mark Wade:; get up to date on everything here.

Martin Schweiger's Orbiter:;

NASA Watch, of Reston Communications, run by Keith Cowing:

Project Colimbo was trying to build a launch vehicle: (dead link)

PERMANENT for Projects to Employ the Resources of the Moon and Asteroids in the Near Term:

United Space Development Team (USDT) (dead link)

Chris Valentine's Columbia page: (has built in music, hit ESC to cancel music once you're there.)

OMWorld Consulting:; they have a very good FAQ on STS-107.

Universal Expeditions Project by Geir Lanesskog:

Columbia's Sacrifice:; independent analyses of available evidence. (dead link)

Fellow amateur Mike Majeski: : Delta Sprint's older brother? Big Gemini

Post-Investigation Links

What After Columbia is really about:

After Columbia's discussion mailing list:


Return to Flight task group page, also known as the Stafford-Covey Task Group or SCTG:

Nexterra's Odysseus Project

Links for STS-107 Columbia Investigation.

Integrated Time Line:  After Columbia planned, but then abandoned in favour of our current mode, an integrated time line to correllate videos, audios, and timelines together into a single document.  Fortunately, CBS' William Harwood had done so:

Columbia Investigation Board; was independent, now redirects to

NASA Headquarters:

Space Flight Now's timeline:

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Embarked rocket camera's with spectacular ascent videos... the pilot's eye view of Delta Sprint?

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